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Are you an academic institution or business looking for someone to motivate, educate and inspire their students/employees to perform to the best of their abilities?

Are you looking for that person to help find NEW opportunities for individuals to create change in their lives?


Rob Wienski of Going for Greatness now gives students and corporate workers a chance to find their inner "untapped" potential through his innovative lectures in topics such as Business Entrepreneurship, Self-Help Motivation, Health and Fitness.  It's ALWAYS encouraged to find new sources of inspiration and from being an entrepreneur, attending motivational seminars through his life and his extensive background in fitness, Rob is able to create impact in current and future society! 

 "Rob presented to our Orientation to Kinesiology and Community health course at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Rob is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and provided our students with valuable advice on how to improve their personal fitness while also encouraging them to pursue their passions and goals.  He engaged the students in hands on activities and motivated them to use their education to help others.  We are thankful that he took the time to speak with our students and appreciate the information and advice he shared!"

                  -Amy O'Neill

                  Kinesiology Academic Advisor

                  University of Illinois


"Rob brought a good dose of the real world to our students. His ability to articulate the competitive nature of the health and fitness industry and what it takes to be successful was very much appreciated. I'm certain our students left with a better understanding of what lies ahead, thanks to Rob."

                    -Dr. Mark Kattenbraker

                    Kinesiology and Sports Studies Chairmen

                    Eastern Illinois University

"Rob visited our capstone business class and brought some activities and energy, along with an opportunity for students to hear some important insights into balancing entrepreneurship and wellness. The 3 P's - being patient, persistent, and positive, are certainly things that we all could benefit from remembering no matter where we want to go in life."

                   -John Hanson

                    Business Department Chairmen

                    Neuqua Valley High School


"Rob spoke to my business students about his experiences as an entrepreneur and having the intrinsic and external motivation to succeed. He shared his ups and downs of creating his business. My students were engaged, as his message was thought provoking and honest. His energy is endless. What a positive speaker and business owner! We cannot thank him enough for taking time out to share his story with us."
      -Patty Sarkady
       Business Department Teacher
       Riverside-Brookfield High School


"Rob provided a great interactive learning experience for my ESS students and ignited a fire within many to think outside the box as they begin pursuing their careers in the fitness industry.  I will most definitely have him back to speak to future classes to motivate them and encourage them to be successful in this industry.

     -Nikki Gorman

   ESS/PE/Health Instructo

   Benedictine University 

"Rob came in to speak to my Sports Marketing students about his experiences as a young entrepreneur. He delivered a passionate and engaging talk, encouraging students to set and work towards personal and professional goals."

                  -Sally Lakdawala

                   Sports Marketing Teacher      

                   Leyden High School


"My students were impressed with Rob's drive and determination in starting your own business.  They enjoyed the aspect of being engaged during the presentation instead of just being talked to.  I particularly like the aspect that Rob spoke to for a business to survive, they must adapt to a changing environment, helps keep a business competitive."

                 -John Aspel

                   Business Education Teacher


Lemont High School


" Rob came to my class at Elmhurst College to talk about his company and about improving fitness for sport performance. His enthusiasm was second to none. He understands the principles of kinesthetic balance in training, and will make your son or daughter better."

                        -Charlie Goehl

                         Professor, Sports Marketing

                         Elmhurst College



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