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Quotes "Rob was great in setting up the proper training schedule for my 13 year old travel softball team. He set up aggressive stations and kept the girls motivated while developing their strength and agility. His enthusiasm was terrific and the girls enjoyed every time they worked with him" Quotes
Brian Bowman
Head Coach, Downers Grove Rebels

Quotes Rob worked with me before I went off to college so that I could keep my lean physique for modeling. He is very useful and practical, he did not put a plan together for me that was to ambitious or unachievable. Not only was he easy going and friendly, but REALLY knew his stuff and how to work with ME and MY body rather than making me feel like just another client. I still use and follow the eating habits and exercises he showed me A YEAR ago. I HIGHLY recommend Rob! Quotes
Rachel Valentina Print/Commercial model at UR SuperModels

Quotes Rob provides a work-out program unlike ANY YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE! We?re paying valuable cash ? and Rob delivers to you the complete training package. YOU must do the WORK ! If you?re not ready to work with Rob, don?t waste your or his time. He is as serious as you are ? and will be your best mentor in re-developing all that you have determined to be. The pain is real, but the result is unlike any I have ever experienced, far surpassing my expectations. A deep tissue session will yield a ?no pain aftermath?. The cardio workout utilizing body weight and gravity as the resistance ~ with never a repeat from our previous sessions was always an adventure to see what he would challenge me with. Rob?s creativity for a rope, a medicine ball, and unstable surface continuously challenged me to increase core strength continuously ore training - Rob is the best and unequivocally superior in knowledgeable and execution. Quotes
George House
GM Sales, Sun-Wa Technos

Quotes Rob was able to assess my wants and needs for my work out goals, not only in the gym but also in relation to my extra curricular activities. I like his approach to getting to know me not just workouts but also eating habits. He took over 30 minutes just asking/ discussing what I wanted out of the training. I enjoyed training with Rob; he kept it interesting, assigned me new activities between work out days and asked if I achieved the mini goals we set up. Over the 15-20 years I have worked out in classes, gym or specialized trainer, Rob has been the first to listen and implement things I wanted in a work out. Quotes
Adrianne Aeschliman
Recruiter, Supply Chain/Manufacturing

Quotes I have been working with Rob for the past six months. Although I come from a sports background, I had no real idea what working out was really like until I met Rob. He is a great trainer and really cares about my progress. I know that I could not be as successful with my weight loss, if not for Rob! Quotes
Nameka R. Bates
Doctoral Student
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