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Quotes Rob Wienski was a surprise to the group of not-all-so-young women to whom he was introduced at a recent seminar at the Joliet Diocesan Council of Catholic Women's 2012 convention at the Westin Hotel in Lombard, IL. Many of us were accustomed to working out, though it turned out that our definition of that was far from inclusive, since all believed it was mainly aerobic work with perhaps some strength training. Rob demonstrated to us that balance and core exercises were perhaps even more necessary for personal fitness than those. Rob's enthusiasm and knowledge of new fitness techniques made a lasting impression on all along with a determination to incorporate at least some of his methods in our own fitness routines. It is easy to see why he has such a devoted and diverse clientele. Quotes
Marianne McKeague
Seminar Leader, The Joliet Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

Quotes I couldn't have been more pleased with G4G's training services to help prepare our competitive football players mentally and physically for the 2012 fall season. Rob was very enthusiastic, cutting-edge and very knowledgeable that created a great connection with the kids. I would definitely recommend his training services to any competitive athletes and coaches who are looking to get to the next level. Quotes
Joe Phalen
President of Elmhurst Eagles and Cheer -Fall 2012

Quotes I wanted to thank you for all your work and commitment to our program during our 2012 Spring Season. We appreciate your huge time commitment to design and run the speed and agility sessions every week for our U15 and U13 teams. The conditioning learned from your training helped our players be better prepared physically to compete. It is due to partners like Going 4 Greatness that Elmhurst Lacrosse has continued to grow and provide such a great environment for the kids. On behalf of the entire Elmhurst Lacrosse Board, I want to thank you again for your time and effort. Quotes
Kevin Rogers
Elmhurst Lacrosse Commissioner-Spring 2012

Quotes My wife and I decided to find a personal trainer to work with our 10-year old Son, Max, to get him in peak physical shape in preparation for Elmhurst Eagles football. We met Rob and talked about different training techniques. Rob offered to train Max 2-3 times a week over a 4-week span, working specifically on speed and agility training, as well as core strength training. We were extremely happy with the results and highly recommend Going4Greatness. Our Son enjoyed the workouts and stayed motivated. He started football in great shape and has excellent stamina, reducing his risk of getting injured on the football field. Quotes
Dan and Karen Arenz
Satisfied Parents

Quotes I can't say enough positive things about G4G. Rob did a wonderful job of organizing a strength and conditioning program to help prepare out young competitive football players for the upcoming 2012 season. His approached help engage even the shyest of players. He was very enthusiastic, motivating, and the kids really enjoyed his presence. I would highly recommend his training services to any player, parent and/or coach who is looking to maximize one's performance during athletic competition." Quotes
Mark Peterson
President, Vernon Hills Cougars Youth Athletic Association

Quotes Definitely it was worth it for our team, Girls gained strength power and explosiveness. it was great experience. We all do appreciated for your hard work and great sessions you had designate for our team to get in shape. This brought confidence back to our team. Thank you Rob! Quotes
Ty Beshiri
U17 Coach of Downers Grove Roadrunners

Quotes I was both impressed and satisfied with the way Rob first assessed my son's sport injury and then proceeded to educate him on how he will in time heal and strengthen his right leg. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer as well as someone capable of teaching kids how to best perform in their individual sport and most importantly, avoid injuries. A satisfied mom Quotes
Cris Zervas
satisfied mom

Quotes This past winter was our first time we offered a speed/agility/coordination program with Rob. He was extremely energetic and the players were consistently challenged to better themselves. His dialogue with the players was strong and we received many compliments from our families. Quotes
John Hannan
Director of Coaching, Downers Grove Roadrunners

Quotes Rob has run several performance training classes at Westmont Yard and they have been very well received. The kids have been working hard, improving their speed, strength, and agility, and having fun during the process. Quotes
Bill Gust
President, Westmont Yard

Quotes I was extremely satisfied with Coach Rob's training program. My team went through 10 weeks of strength and conditioning with Coach Rob and it definitely paid off. Coach Rob's program is not the usual speed class that so many instructors do. Rather his program incorporated speed along with strength exercises that kept the players interested. Coach Rob was great at keeping the players motivated throughout the program and I believe it was a main reason that so many of the players made their high school teams. Quotes
15u Hitmen baseball coach